Top Winter Trends of 2018

Joyous. Simple. Memorable. Unique.

The weddings this year are proving to be evolving and are different than those of the past, and the upcoming winter wedding season will be no exception. The tastes and personalities of the two people who are choosing to do life together are shining through in the most amazing ways with traditional choices being left behind or transformed into something new, something that is a pure expression of the couple.

Some of the trends we are seeing for a winter wedding this year:

    • Long sleeved dresses. Perhaps due to the influence of the Royal Wedding this spring, brides are choosing dresses with long-sleeves more often. For a cooler wedding day, this style is perfect! Popular fits are the A-line, fit and flare, lacy, and ballgown, with many brides choosing more edgy styles over traditional versions this year.
    • Rich and bold colors. Dark and rich colors are the top picks for our winter couples; the most popular hues are blue (which tops the list), followed by red, pink, white, and purple. Burgundy is another color that is expected to be a big hit this winter. Check out our linen catalog to find the best wedding rentals for your special day here.
    • Hanging flowers and greenery.  While creating stunning and unique celebratory environments, this choice also clears the tables to make more room for decoration and culinary delights. We also expect to see personalisation in floral choices this winter, following Prince Harry’s tribute to his mother Princess Diana in the display of forget-me-nots during his wedding.
    • A speech from the bride. Another unique trend that will show up this winter is the bride’s speech. Women are finding their voices and expressing themselves in new and powerful ways around the world today – and their wedding should be no exception!
    • Dessert table. What could be more personal and unique than a table full of desserts? A wedding cake can certainly have the seat of honor, but cheesecake, cookies, and the beloved macaron can join the party. Sugar-free and organic treats or locally produces sweet delights can also have a place at the table – whatever the couple desires.
    • Cuisines of the world. This winter, the wedding feast might include a food truck or Peruvian or Japanese specialities. The happy couple is choosing food that they love instead of more traditional fare. Portable pizza ovens are happening, and as their guest, you may even get to enjoy sushi!
    • Innovative invites. This winter, you may receive wedding invitations that are created from materials other than paper. This trend reflects our return to nature and our awareness of the fragility and beauty of our natural world. An invitation made of wood or stone can be placed in the garden or hung on the wall for years to come and will never end up in a landfill. What better way to celebrate a new life together than in respecting the Earth?




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