Treat Your Guests to Coffee and Tea

When you plan your wedding drinks, much of your focus is probably on whether to have an open bar, cash bar, or something else. You might be worried about creating the perfect signature drink, too. But one thing you shouldn’t forget is to treat your guests to a hot drink.


It might be part of your catering that you offer coffee with the dessert. Many of your guests will appreciate the little pick me up at the end of the meal, and a well-made coffee can be the perfect cap to your gourmet menu.

However, it can be an extra treat to offer hot drinks to your guests throughout the night. Whether you have an open bar where guests can serve themselves or a bartender, you should include an urn of coffee and an urn of hot water for tea. For an etra bit of decadence, consider also including an urn of rich hot chocolate.

If your guests are big coffee drinkers, or for a morning wedding where more guests are likely to drink a cup or two of coffee, you should rent a large coffee maker. For most weddings, though, a silver coffee urn is both beautiful and functional.

A silver urn for hot drinks can help make your non-drinking guests feel taken care of. It also offers all of your guests something a bit extra. To find out more about hot beverage service, or to rent an urn or coffee maker for your Tennessee wedding, give us a call today.

Photo: Flickr/Phil Monger

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