Tricks and Treats for Your Halloween Party

Halloween is just a little over a week away and chances are that you have either a) had your costume planned for weeks, or b) you haven’t given it a second thought. No matter where you fall from a to b, we have some great ideas on how you can have tricks and treats for your Halloween party this spooky season. And, don’t worry, we promise that his and hers Wonder Woman costumes aren’t the only available costume options out there.

Hallowen Party Ideas

Happy Halloween

Some of the best costumes aren’t complicated. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of loving Halloween, to being cordially apathetic about the whole affair, you don’t have to go all out when it comes to costumes. The old sheet with two holes cut in it to be a ghost may be a little played out, you would be amazed with what you can use to make a truly killer costume from around your house. Don’t break the bank this Halloween season. A striped shirt and black pants can be anything from a mime to a pirate with the right accoutrements.

Halloween parties can be kitschy and classy. You might like to think that a box full of cold spaghetti that doubles as zombie brains is just so 90’s, but never undermine the classics. Half the fun of a Halloween party is being able to combine all the best parts of kitsch and class. So, while you may have a tablescape of beautiful artisanal pumpkins interspersed with mums and ornate scarecrow figurines, a few classic games like bobbing for apples and pumpkin carving contests can add a lot of fun and charm.

Don’t forget Trick or Treaters. Everyone has thought about leaving a bowl of candy outside their door with a ‘just take one’ sign in front of it on Halloween night. One of the best parts of Halloween night is seeing all the kids excitedly going from door to door in their costumes. The good news is that most children are out trick or treating before it gets to be too late. Schedule your party to start after 8 so that your guests can stick around to see the kids in their neighborhood before heading out to your All Hallow’s Eve Soiree.

Office parties can be fun too. Sometimes planning any holiday party for an office can seem like a painful task. This year, we suggest that you be the one that is the most into your office Halloween party. If you get involved in providing the right amount of tricks and treats for your office Halloween party, you may see a change in how excited everyone is about the event. Encourage coworkers to make treats that different from their every other year offerings. (No candy pumpkins this year!) Tell the staff to dress up in their most work appropriate costumes and have a prize for the best one. By making the party more fun for everyone, you may see a lift in employee engagement and excitement going into the rest of the holiday season.

Parting favors can be party favorites. Because candy is such a large part of the Halloween holiday, you can make crowd pleasing party favors for surprisingly low costs. Offering your guests a sweet treat on their way out the door is a nice way of saying ‘thank you for coming.’ You can sweeten the deal by making them say, ‘trick or treat’ for it on their way out the door.

Halloween truly is a sweet time of year. While you plan your spooky events this season, don’t forget that Grand Central Party Rentals has all of your Nashville event needs covered. From tents, to tables and chairs, flatware and dishware, we can make sure your next event is truly remarkable. Call or contact us today to start planning your next great party.

We wish everyone a safe, happy, and healthy Halloween!

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