Tropical Décor for Your Wedding


There’s nothing wrong with dreaming about having a tropical wedding, even if you are not having a destination wedding. A tropical wedding has a certain charm about it that no other wedding theme has. Well, if you think about it, every theme has its own charm. But when it comes to tropical wedding, nothing can come remotely close to representing the natural and nautical lifestyle. If you are thinking of having a tropical wedding by the seaside, here are some great ideas to make your décor look complete!

The Theme

A tropical wedding theme, in its essence, has to represent the tropical way of life. Hence, the elements in your wedding should carry the carry the Hawaiian feel that we see so many times in the movies. Think of bright green tones with shades of pearl white, or royal blue with off white. These color themes work quite well against the backdrop of the ocean, lake, or seaside.

The Setting

A tropical theme will only look complete once the setting is arranged to reflect it. Think of installing bamboo sticks to support a cloth that goes from end to end in order to keep sunlight at bay. The seating arrangement has to be spacious, and getting lightwood chairs and tables will definitely fit the bill. As for the altar, think of having an arch covered with tropical leaves. This will definitely add the cherry on top!

The Decorations

Flowers, motifs, and plants are important decorations for a tropical theme. Get some Hibiscus flowers either side of the aisle, olive leaves on the arch, welcome your guests with leis, and floral prints for the tables. You can also go for motifs to enhance the beach lifestyle charm at your wedding location. Get details like ropes, anchors, tropical leaves, palm fronds, and orchids and you will have one comprehensive tropical décor in a wallet friendly budget!



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