Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Sharing your wedding day with your friends and family is one of the best things about this most special of all celebrations. Looking across the room and seeing the faces of people you care about makes your heart warm, and you will want to share something with every person that shows them just how much you appreciate them. Giving your guests favors to take with them in honor of the day is one way you can express your love and thanks.

Here are some ideas for wedding favors that your guests will love:

  • SWEETS. Nashville is home to some signature sweets, and sending your guests home with some creations that can only be found in Music City will wow them. Set aside a day to visit some of the businesses in the area that produce these treats, and ask for samples or maybe a tasting session so that you can select the very best.
  • SOMETHING PERSONAL. Stemless wine glasses that are engraved with your names and the date can be a great addition to your table settings and a gift that your guests will treasure forever. Mason jars are also a great choice for a country wedding theme.
  • GROWING THINGS. Everyone loves succulents, so giving the gift of a live succulent plant can be a wedding favor that your guests will truly enjoy for a long time to come. Tennessee wildflower seeds prettily packaged is another way you can send some love home.
  • LOCAL HONEY. How about some local honey for your guests? Everyone knows about the benefits of eating local honey, so this would be a thoughtful way to show how much you care.
  • INSTAGRAM. Create an Instagram account just for your wedding day and come up with your own hashtag. Your friends and family can be a part of the fun by sharing memories, thoughts, best wishes and photos with the whole gang. Single-use cameras are a blast, too, and with everyone joining the photo shoot, you will certainly end up with memorable images. Your guests will be giving and receiving loving words and precious images for a long time to come.
  • DRINKABLES. With breweries and distilleries abounding in the Nashville area, gifts from this industry will make great wedding favors. From a tiny bottle of whisky produced in Tennessee to some genuine moonshine in a Mason jar, your guests will enjoy the thought!

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