Wedding Fitness: One bride’s journey to looking her best – and how you can, too!

When bride-to-be Tylar Setser selected a form-fitting backless gown, she immediately started thinking about ways to improve her wedding fitness to look dazzling on her wedding day.

Wedding Fitness

Get fit for your Wedding

“I knew I wanted to feel confident and comfortable in my gown so that I could really be completely engaged and present during our big day,” she explained. “As our wedding day drew closer and closer, I began feeling anxious about how I would look and feel in it.”

Like most brides, Tylar’s thoughts immediately turned to diet and exercise, so she confided in her groom, Chris Maxey, about her concerns.

Lucky for her, Chris is not only a certified personal trainer, but he also co-owns Murfreesboro-based UFIT Fitness Studio.

Without revealing too many details about her wedding gown, Tylar explained which areas she’d like to tone up – and slim down – so she could feel confident and sexy for their big day (and night!) together.

“Chris has worked with brides preparing for before their big days, and he was able to personalize a plan for me based on the dress shape,” Tylar said. “Don’t worry – he still didn’t see me in it until the wedding day!”

He ultimately created a 3-month workout plan for Tylar that was simple to follow, easy to enjoy, and completely rewarding with clear benefits and improvements.

“He knew I really wanted to focus on my back, waist, and arms, so the workout incorporated interval-type training that gave me an elegant back, toned arms, and lifted glutes,” she said. “When I finally put on my dress on our wedding day, tears of joy filled my eyes! I looked how I wanted to look, and I felt confident going into the wedding.”

By putting time into the workout, Tylar could take credit knowing that she’d worked hard to feel confident and beautiful on her wedding day. That put her mind at ease, so she relax and not worry about how she looked in front of their guests.

Plus, working out was a huge stress reliever leading up to the wedding.

Not every bride has a personal trainer for a groom, so we compiled 3 Easy Tips for Wedding Fitness:

  1. Set realistic goals.
    If your wedding is in three months, don’t expect to lose 50 pounds in a healthy, keep-it-off kind of way. Remember: slow and steady wins the race, so start your fitness journey early. If you’re short on time, concentrate on the areas that will be highlighted by your dress. Think: arms and shoulders for a strapless dress or thighs and glutes for a mermaid-style gown.
  2. You can’t out-work a bad diet.
    Nutrition is SO important. We’ll say it again. Nutrition is SO important! Our bodies need vitamins and nutrients to function at their best. What we eat affects our skin and hair, but also our heart and kidneys and liver. Everything is connected, so you nourish your body with healthy foods. Check out My Fitness Pal for delicious recipes.
  3. Healthy is happy.
    Focus on being the best you. Once you commit to healthy eating and regular exercise, we promise you’ll feel great, too! Not sure where to begin? Start by following fitness bloggers on Instagram! We’re especially fond of @mytrainercarmen and her easy-to-follow workouts.


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