Wedding flowers and the meaning behind them

Your wedding flowers are very important – both for your own look and for the wedding décor itself. However, have you ever considered the message your flowers are sending out? What is the meaning behind certain types of flowers and why would you settle for them? Read on and find out more about this.


  • Baby’s breath. This is the kind of delicate flower that very frequently passes as a “complementary” to the larger, more opulent flowers. However, there are brides who would happily settle on Baby’s breaths alone – and if you are among them, you are probably just as delicate-yet-strong as these gorgeous little wonders.
  • Carnations. Used as wedding flowers for a long time now, carnations are graceful, strong and very passionate. The white ones are said to symbolize pure love, while the pink ones are said to send messages of gratitude. At the same time though, the striped ones represent refusal – so you might want to stay away from those.
  • Chrysanthemum. Beautiful, wild and full of life, these flowers are suitable for those of you who want to add a joyful touch to your wedding bouquets and flower arrangements. The large variety of colors for these flowers will definitely help you with that!
  • Peonies. Extremely popular among brides, peonies are extremely graceful. Their “fluff” appearance makes them seem opulent and extravagant, but the meaning behind them is even more important for brides-to-be: having a happy marriage.
  • Roses.  By far one of the world’s most popular wedding flowers, roses have their own beautiful symbolism. Pink stands for admiration, white stands for purity and red stands for passionate love – all of which are perfect for a wedding “message”.

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Photo source: Corey Ann


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