An Unexpected Cost: Wedding Gratuities

It’s November. The month of thankfulness is upon us. While you spend time planning your Thanksgiving celebration, you may also be planning a wedding. When you consider your nuptials, don’t forget to budget for an unexpected cost of a wedding gratuities. While every vendor has their fee, it is customary to show a little extra monetary gratitude to the people that have worked so hard for you during the process of planning your perfect day.

Wedding Gratuities

Wedding Gratuities – thank your vendors

Wedding Party While it is not appropriate to give your bridesmaids and groomsmen money for standing with you on your wedding day, it is customary to give every person in your bridal party (yes- that includes flower girls) a small gift a day or two before your wedding. Most likely these people have traveled in order to be at your wedding, purchased or rented a dress or tux, and have stood with you through your entire engagement to wedding process. If you need ideas of gifts for you wedding party, click here.

DJ or Band Whomever you choose to make sure your guests have a fun, dancing filled evening at your reception has a large responsibility on their shoulders. They want to keep your guests happy and moving while you toss your bouquet or cut the cake. Generally, 10% of their bill is a good tip for a DJ. Or, $25 per band member. You can tip more if they carry a lot of heavy equipment to and from your venue.

Caterer Most caterers will include a gratuity on your final bill. If yours does not, including 15%-20% of your total bill is a nice guideline. Also, tipping the additional bartenders and wait staff is a good rule of thumb.

Wedding Planners Wedding planners don’t expect a tip, but more often than not, they go above and beyond for their clients. If their efforts for you were especially felt on your wedding day, offering 15%-20% of their total bill is a nice gesture.

Florists do not expect to be tipped for their services. As with all other vendors, if you feel like they have gone above and beyond for you, a 10% tips is greatly appreciated.

Photographer If you only have one photographer, and they own the business that you are paying for their services, you do not need to tip them. If they bring along a second or third person to take photos, it is nice to give each of those additional people a $25-$50 tip, especially if you were not additionally charged for their services in your bill.

Hair and Makeup As getting your hair done for your wedding is like any other day at the salon (except it’s not, because it’s so special!), you should tip your hairdresser as you normally would for any other services rendered. Same for your make-up artist, you should tip them as much as you would for normal services rendered.

Keep in mind that, at the end of the day, no vendor truly expects a tip for you. But, it is always a welcome surprise for anyone who you feel has gone above and beyond to make your special day truly one to remember for a lifetime.

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