What You Really Need to Know About Wedding Photography: Part II

We’re back again with the fabulous Rachel Tenpenny of Brasspenny Photography to learn more about wedding photography.

We covered quite a bit of general wedding photography questions in What You Really Need to Know About Wedding Photography: Part I, and now we’re asking more specific questions.

Strike the perfect Wedding pose

Image courtesy of Brasspenny Photography

So, cozy up with your spouse-to-be and get answers to all the questions you’ve been dying to ask a professional photographer.!

Q: How soon should couples take engagement photos? And how can they use these photos besides posting them on Facebook?

A: How soon you take engagement photos is totally up to you, but most people want to use them for Save The Dates which typically get sent out about six months before your wedding. Side note: You’ll need to see what your photographer’s turnaround time is for photos to ensure they can be ready in time.

Now, if your wedding is in August, then six months prior is February, so my couples would need to shoot no later than the beginning of January. That said, if shooting in the dead of Winter is not your thing, then I’d suggest moving it up to catch the Fall colors in October or so!

Q: Oftentimes brides (and grooms!) want the exact same pose, look, etc. they see in a Pinterest photo. What’s your advice in these situations?

A: I always tell my brides that if there’s one or two shots that they will #literallydie without, I will totally honor those requests. But aside from that, I do not accept Pinterest Request Lists.

For starters, there are too many variables. When I see the photo, I’m thinking, “Okay. What is it she loves about this? The pose? The lighting? The location?”

Secondly, some poses truly only work with certain couples; some are so height-specific that they only truly work well if the couple is close in height. So, if you are in a relationship with someone who is a foot and a half taller than you are, we’re going to have to play with the positions to make it perfect for you.

Relax and have fun with Wedding Photography

Image courtesy of Brasspenny Photography

And thirdly, if your photographer is checking off a list of Pinterest poses all day during your wedding, they’re not going to be able to truly capture YOUR wedding, as it is unique to YOU and your fiancé. Wanting a few generic Pinterest poses is fine, but it shouldn’t consume your wedding day.

Q: How can the bride and groom relax before a photo shoot?

A: Have a glass of champagne. Just kidding. But really, seriously, sometimes before an engagement session, I grab a drink with my couples!

I also feel like the couples I work with who come to the shoot with a really laid-back attitude have more fun; it seems counter-intuitive, but if you make it a big deal in your head (of course it’s meaningful and important and a big deal, but hear me out), you’re going to feel more nervous!!

If you encourage yourself and your sweetie that it’s all about fun and flirting with each other, if you make sure to whisper jokes to make them giggle at inappropriate moments, etc., then you’re going to have so much more fun and get photos back that feel natural and genuine.

Q: Pre-wedding reveal – do or don’t?

A: All photographers are biased for the First Look because it’s the most logical and photo-friendly way. But like I said, with proper planning, everything can be done the way you’ve been dreaming of doing it without an insane timeline and tons of stress.

Rachel covered more First Look details in What You Really Need to Know About Wedding Photography: Part I

Q: Boudoir photos are so much freaking fun — what’s your advice for ladies who are nervous, but want to try it?

A:  GO FOR IT. Show me a lady who wasn’t nervous before she did a boudoir shoot, and I’ll give you $100. Seriously!!

Everyone is nervous, but no matter what kinda body you’re rocking, no matter what your style is, no matter how shy or outgoing you are, I have yet to see a woman walk away from her boudoir shoot feeling bad about herself.

And I’ve yet to see a groom who didn’t SERIOUSLY love his Little Black Book. (Plus, one secret nobody tells you is that boudoir photos are just as much as a gift to yourself as it is to him.)

When I did my own boudoir shoot, I was so nervous!!! I was worried about my mom tummy and all my little imperfections. But the entire process – between the music and my photographer and having someone make my hair and makeup look gorgeous and the mimosas – I felt like SUCH a babe. And when I saw the photos on the back of the camera during the shoot, I was just thinking, “WOW. ” It was way more rejuvenating than any massage or hair appointment.

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