Wedding Planning: Organizational Tips to Help You Begin

You’ve got a wedding plan. It might be your own, or perhaps you are helping someone you love. It’s a big job and can be very intimidating; let’s face it – the day just has to be perfect, beautiful, and organized, while still being enjoyable!

One of the most helpful tips we can share has to do with the organization of your wedding event since keeping everything together is the foundation of a lovely and memorable day. This tip is to start a wedding planner binder right from the start. This will be an invaluable go-to for notes, images, impressions, reminders, checklists, and timelines. In short, everything.

Your wedding binder should include these categories:

  • Images and impressions. Inspiration found in magazines or on Pinterest and Instagram should be saved, and the website address or account noted for future reference. This will be the place the vision comes together, so make sure materials such as textiles, embroidery, and jeweling are noted. The event will need a working color palette, so swatches and photos of other events that strike the fancy should be kept here.
  • To-do lists. This section will be the most important part of your binder. Create a timeline and insert it here so that reservations and appointments won’t be missed. If you are delegating tasks and projects, make sure they are noted here as well so that follow ups can be done. Laid out like a calendar on a day-to-day basis, it will be simple to add to and easy to look back on, and so will help keep things from being overlooked.
  • Budgeting. Establish a budget at the very beginning and keep concise records of expenditures and balances. If money is saved in one area, perhaps a splurge might be possible in another, and excellent records will keep you up to speed here.
  • Guest list/Seating arrangements. Depending on the RSVPs, your guest list will change over time, while family members may make requests for invitations to old friends or distant relatives that you had not considered. Keeping track of who will be there and where they should be seated will be very helpful if it is organized and set before the big day arrives.
  • Beauty. A section just for all the beauty details is a good idea. Hair and nail salons, color palettes, tanning salons, and jewelry suppliers can all be compiled here, along with contacts for the bridal party to use.
  • Music. Whether you are using a DIY playlist, a band, or a DJ, you will want a list of the music you want to hear during your wedding and reception. Be very specific about the genre, the artists, and the specific songs that you want included.
  • People helping. Have this section completed with a list of everyone who has taken on a task or project to help, and cross reference it with the timeline we mentioned above. Make sure you have up-to-date contacts for them and share them with your main assisting person – Friend, family member or wedding planner.

Here at Grand Central Party, we are committed to helping you with your special day. It’s all about love.

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