Don’t Let Pinterest Get In The Way of Your Perfect Wedding

Picture this: it’s the end of September and your wedding is going to be next Spring. It’s been an absolute whirlwind. Your wedding planning is taking shape, your Save the Dates are neatly addressed and dated in your mailbox.  For the next nine months, you’ll plan, save, skimp, and work to make your wedding something truly special. Your friends are all helping you with ideas. Everyday your inbox is flooded with links to specialty banners, centerpieces, and flower arrangements. You start clicking around Pinterest and you realize that those specialty banners do look nice, and you should order larger centerpieces for your wedding.

Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning with Pinterest

While you plan the party of your dreams on the internet, you glance down and realize that your budget is never going to cover all of these extra expenses. But, now that you’ve seen all those beautiful ideas out there, how will you ever plan a wedding that satisfies your Pinterest-inspired party decor ideas?

Don’t let Internet party planning ruin a really good thing. We’ve got some simple tips and tricks to help you plan a truly stellar wedding without breaking the bank and without getting the Pinterest blues.

  • What’s good in theory may be difficult in execution. It’s easy to get on the internet and see photo after photo of DIY party projects and think, “That looks easy!”. The truth is, DIY projects always take longer than intended and half the time don’t turn out the way you thought. So, while those toothpick and hot glue place cards look really cool in the photos, they will probably take hours to make. And who knows how they’ll look in reality. It’s okay to focus on decor that you know is guaranteed to work. There’s no shame in basic flower arrangements and snappy tablecloths. A well laid out table is better than a table with a bunch DIY projects that are falling apart. Remember that your wedding is about representing you and your partner to the best of your abilities. Do things that represent your love and relationship, not good ideas on Pinterest.


  • Focus on essentials first. For a wedding to be a success, you need plates, tables, chairs, cutlery, good food, and music for people to dance to. (Which, as your Nashville rental company, we are happy to provide you many of those aforementioned things.) You may not be able to afford those nine foot branch centerpieces from Etsy. It’s okay to make sure you fill out your budget with the things you need before going after the extras. If you can be smart about planning for the big expenses (like food), you may find more wiggle room in your budget for fun things (like branch centerpieces). Your guests want to eat and drink well and dance the night away in celebration of you. Don’t lose sight of that in favor of decor.


  • Use your imagination. We do understand that every bride wants her wedding to feel like the only wedding her guests have ever been to. It’s easy to get caught up in the details of a wedding and think that the little things are going to be what make your special day stand out. It’s okay use your imagination when making big wedding planning decisions in order to get what you want. All of your other friends may have sprung for a more expensive caterer at their weddings. But if your Uncle Billy makes the best barbecue in Tennessee and wants to give you a deal, why not let him? There are other ways to save money than just on decor.


  • Don’t give up on Pinterest entirely. We aren’t saying that the good ideas aren’t out there. You might find the ultimate bridesmaid’s gift ideas that wow your entire entourage on Pinterest. It’s okay to use restraint in idea hunting. So, while specialty tote bags with each of your attendant’s names on them maybe totally doable, those macrame wedding bells for above the cedar arbor may not. It’s up to you to use good judgment in knowing the difference.

No matter what decor decisions you make for your Nashville wedding, Grand Central Party Rental has all of your rental needs covered. From tents to tables, flatware to dishes, we can help you plan any event of any size.

Call today to find out how Grand Central Party Rentals can help you start planning the perfect wedding today!

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