Wedding rentals are not always obvious, they can be very unique! Take a look:

When thinking of “wedding rentals”, most couples will think of tents, chairs and other relatively “major” items to decorate their venue with. However, wedding rentals can refer to a wide range of other wedding-related items as well. Here are some unique ideas that will save you a lot of money:


  • The cake. Of course, renting an actual cake is not possible. What is possible though is to rent a “fake cake”. Basically, such a cake will be made from multiple polystyrene foam tiers that look just as gorgeous as a “real cake”. While a typical wedding cake can cost anything between $400 and $3,000, a fake cake will cost much less. Even more, it can include a “real cake” tier for the “Cutting of the Cake” moment as well – so there’s really no reason not to go for this option if you want to save some money.
  • The dress. Tuxedo rentals are fairly common out there – so why would a bride have to pay a really large price for a dress she will only wear once? If you are not keen on having a brand new dress for your wedding day and if you are thinking of renting one, you should definitely know that there are plenty of options available out there.
  • The bride’s accessories. Everything, from the flowers to the bridal purse can be rented as well. Again, these are items you will most likely only use once so it would be a really great, budget-friendly idea to rent them instead of actually buying them.

Regardless of whether or not you settle for any of the above-mentioned options, Grand Central Party can help you with a variety of more “traditional” wedding rentals. From fun dance floors to fabulous wedding tents, our rental store is “stocked up” with a huge variety of wedding rental items you can use for your Big Day. Come visit us and learn more about our rentals!

Photo source: aka Paty Oliveira / Maionese_paty

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