Wedding Tent Decoration Inspiration

In need of some wedding tent decoration inspiration, but don’t have the time to scour the internet for hours searching for ideas? Well, you have come to the right place! This article will feature different tent decoration ideas for your special day.

Tent Accessories

When it comes to decorating a tent for your wedding, it’s time to go big or go home! Tents are perfect decoration inspiration spaces, because they are blank slates. Say goodbye to attempting to merge your well-thought-out theme with the pre-existing carpet and permanent structures featured in a brick and mortar venue. Instead, you can fully develop your theme and use your wedding colors with tent accessories.

Tent accessories include linens (billowy fabric), lighting, and even walls and doors. Yes, you can add doors and walls to a tent! Check out this catalog for a variety of options. Now that you know you can utilize tent accessories to showcase your theme, let’s explore various themes for wedding tent decoration inspiration.

Rustic Theme

Interested in a country feel for your wedding? Then a rustic theme may be the perfect theme for your big day. Decorate the aisle by attaching flower arrangements like these to the chairs. Transform hay bales into creative conversation areas. Incorporate mason jars by using them as center pieces or lighting on a chandelier. When it comes to seating, get creative. Check out this catalog for chair choices. Make sure not to miss the cedar bench!

Complete your rustic theme with a southern themed menu featuring fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, green beans, mashed potatoes, and Moscow mules (vodka, spicy ginger beer, lime juice and a wedge of lime) served in mason jars.

Seaside Celebration Theme

Having a wedding on the beach? These wedding tent decoration inspirations should be sure ways to integrate a beach ambiance into every aspect of your wedding. You could stick to the typical beach color palette of whites, greens and blues during the day by using white linens and chairs with blue and green accents. When night falls, easily transform the space by using various colors of lighting to get the party started. See a beautiful example here. Have fun with the centerpieces. Here’s a cute DIY message-in-a-bottle centerpiece. Or maybe you fancy more of a nautical style table setting.

Complete your seaside celebration theme with a menu featuring shrimp cocktails, mini crab cakes, surf and turf entrees, saffron rice, garden salad with baby greens, and tropical cocktails like pina coladas.

Classic Romance Theme

Yearning for a timeless feel for your wedding that won’t look outdated decades from now? Up next are wedding tent decoration inspirations that stand the test of time by showcasing a classic romance wedding theme. Keep it regal by following a color scheme that features white with silver or gold accents. Since this theme features neutral linens and chairs, jazz it up by using beautiful chandeliers like these to add romance. Looking for even more sparkle? Transform the ceiling of your tent by selecting a clear roof tent covered in lights.

For classic romance, it’s all about the flowers. Aside from the bouquets and centerpieces, use floral arrangements to decorate the walls, chairs, archway (which doubles as a nice photo op) and even the cake. Check out these beautiful photos featuring this look.

Complete the classic romance theme with a simple menu of baked chicken or fish with roasted potatoes, asparagus and caprese salad. Pair a nice red or white wine to complete the timeless theme.

Ethnic or Multicultural Theme

Interested in embracing the culture and traditions of family? Then an ethnic or multicultural theme may be right for you! Bring your wedding to life by using rich colored fabrics and lighting. The decor for this vibrant theme is anything but subtle. View some gorgeous decorations of two cultural themed weddings: Indian and Italian.

Complete the ethnic or multicultural theme by hiring dancers or musicians to perform dances and songs that are part of your culture and heritage. When it comes to the menu, select dishes that reflect the culture. You can choose to select menu items that are traditional or you can feature menu items that are inspired by the culture.

Did this article provide some wedding tent decoration inspiration for you? Let us know!

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