Here’s What to Expect: Wedding Trends 2018

In a few short days we will wave goodbye to 2017 and ring in the new year. As you sip a glass of champagne and reminisce about all of the good times you had in 2017, you may be looking forward to what’s in store in the new year as well. If you’re planning your nuptials in the new year, here’s what to expect for wedding trends in 2018.

Wedding Trends 2018

Learn About Wedding Trends in 2018

No more burlap and rustic chic, think woodsy instead.

For several years now, mason jars, hand written chalkboards, and burlap have been all the rage at weddings. We are slowly starting to see people use less and less of these rustic chic items for decor and turning towards woodsy themes. By using wood for decor and accents, you add neutral elements that have texture without being too invasive to your overall decor. By pairing wood elements with an overall green wedding palette, your fete will feel like it’s more outdoors than in.

Say hello to silver and chrome.

Gold is the wedding color, right? It’s bright, shiny, and pairs well with pinks, soft yellows, and blues. Going into 2018, you may see more people leaning towards silver and chrome instead of copper and gold. These two cool colors add a crisp, cool feeling to your event and allow for more jewel tones to be used in flower arrangements and linens. Think burgundy flowers atop emerald green table cloths. Don’t be afraid to lean into bolder color schemes with silver and chrome accents in the new year.

Think formal, but not stuffy.

This new trend goes hand in hand with our first point about burlap and rustic chic. Wedding Trends in 2018, seem to be leaning more towards the traditional and formal, than the relaxed and chic. Don’t read us wrong here – these more formal weddings have a fair amount of whismy (see the next point below), but they are more focused on clean, clear design lines that have not been a part of the recent burlap and hay traditions of the last few years. Think about treating your guests to a semi-formal event, especially if your wedding is in the fall or winter.

Hang flowers everywhere.

Florists seem to consistently find new ways to impress their brides on their wedding days. One exciting wedding trend in 2018 is hanging flower arrangements and garlands from the ceiling of your tent or venue. See some really great, over the top ideas here. By adding some fun and different flower arrangements to your big day, you add a sense of fun and whimsy, while maintaining elegance and glamor as well. Don’t be afraid to go big with your flower budget this year.

Find new ways to entertain guests.

Sure, we’ve all been to a wedding with a photo booth. What about changing it up and offering your guests an entire photo area to play around in? For out of town guests, booking room blocks at truly spectacular hotels, complete with fun things to do and see around the city can be a game-changer for your guests. Don’t hesitate when planning your 2018 wedding to come up with ideas that will truly wow and entertain your guests. Whether it’s different or changing music choices, updated takes on the photo booth, or totally creative guest takeaways, have fun with the ways you structure your upcoming wedding to truly wow your guests.

Whatever or whenever your wedding, remember that the most important thing is to highlight the love and bond that you and your significant other share. The most important wedding trend of 2018 is highlighting that love for your guests to see and enjoying your big day!

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