Wedding Venues: Renting Versus Hosting a Backyard Wedding

When planning your wedding, one of the biggest considerations is the venue. Your venue sets the scene for your big day, so you want to make sure that the venue you choose matches your vision. However, venues can be expensive and often have their own requirements when it comes to catering, beverages, rentals, etc. so you may find yourself considering a backyard wedding!

If you are considering a backyard wedding, either as a way to save money or due to the sentiment of getting married in the yard of your childhood home or the home you will be sharing together, a backyard wedding has its own list of factors to keep in mind.

While backyard weddings have a reputation of being more laid back and simple, they actually require a ton of extra planning and in many cases, extra money! While most venues aren’t cheap, many provide a lot of services that you would have to pay for separately if you choose to have a backyard wedding.

If you do plan on having a backyard wedding, here are some extra things that you’ll have to consider:

  • Talk to your rental and catering company before you make a final decision. They will be able to look at your space and help you decide if it is feasible for the number of people you plan on inviting!
  • The yard itself. To point out the obvious, you’ll want your backyard looking its absolute best on your wedding day! Start doing yard work and planting flowers well in advance, keeping your event layout and colors in mind.
  • Restrooms! Chances are, you don’t want 50-100 people inside your home using your restroom, so unless you have a smaller guest list you will most likely have to rent portable restrooms.
  • Parking. Even with a guest list on the smaller side, you’ll definitely want to have a plan in place for parking.

While there is a bit more thought that has to go into planning a backyard wedding, there are some great benefits as well! Unlike a venue, you don’t have to make sure to have all of your guests out by a certain time in order to avoid extra fees from your venue, so you are free to party all night long if you’d like. You can also save on alcohol, as you can provide your own without having to worry about venue fees or restrictions.

There are definitely pros and cons to both options. A wedding at a venue may require a bit less planning and figuring out logistics, but you do have to worry about things like venue restrictions, timing, whether or not your desired date is available, etc. A backyard wedding may not actually save you a ton with all of the extra things you will have to bring in, but it gives you more freedom to customize every single aspect of your wedding and really make it special and personal!


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