What Type of Tent Should You Choose for Your Reception?

Outdoor weddings are fun and they come with a great benefit: the natural décor surrounding you. Regardless of whether you choose to have your wedding on a beach or simply on the outdoor patio of your favorite venue, you will have to be prepared for the worst as well. And the “worst” thing that could go wrong with an outdoor wedding is bad weather.


  • Don’t worry, having a tent as a backup will keep you and your guests from getting all wet in the rain! Follow the next tips and you will be able to choose a tent that is the most suitable for your reception:
  • Pole tents are probably the most commonly encountered ones. They tend to be affordable and they will do the “job” of protecting you from the rain perfectly. Also, you can decorate them nicely too! So let your decorating imagination run wild!
  • Frame tents are more suitable for windy weather and they will protect the laterals too (so that rain really doesn’t get in). Choose this type of tent if you want to make sure your wedding will not be transformed into a “pool” party.
  • Marquee tents are the types of tents you will use if you want to connect the space between two buildings or two tents (the reception spot and the ceremony spot, for example).
  • Inflatable tents are not so much for rainy weather as they are for weather that is too sunny. They will protect you and your guests from getting nasty sunburns and feeling sick if the temperatures get too high.

Visit Grand Central Party if you want to rent any of the aforementioned types of tent. Also, we have a great selection of tent lightning, accessories and décor items in store for you, so do not hesitate to call for our help if you want to make sure Mother Nature will not ruin your big day!

Photo source: flickr.com/John Hope

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