Why Use Charger Plates at Your Wedding?

When designing your wedding, having a finished look is important. One element that can really pull your table decoration together is the charger plate.

A charger plate is a large decorative plate that sits on the table before the meal. Some caterers will leave the charger in place through part of the meal, while others will remove it as soon as guests are seated. Either way, it provides a focal point at each place before the food is served.


Charger plates are perfect for weddings because they give a sense of formality that you just don’t get with a regular plate. They give a sense of something special without having the fine china that your meal will be served on sitting out as guests find their seats.

The most popular charger plates are metallics, with gold and silver charger plates suiting any wedding color scheme. Red charger plates give a bold splash of color to the table, and can be perfect for a romance themed wedding. Our amber leaves charger plates are a great addition to a rustic table, or for any autumnal theme.

To find out more about charger plates and other rentals for your Nashville wedding, give us a call today!

Photo: Flickr / Chris Gladis


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