Winter can be harsh on your skin! Knowing these skincare tips will help you glow for your wedding day

Winter may be magical and romantic and it may be filled with amazing holidays we all love – but for your skin, this season is anything but a huge party. On the contrary, actually: the weather outside can take a toll on your skin and damage it in ways you definitely don’t want for your Big Day.


How to protect your skin from the harsh temperatures of winter? We have gathered some tips for you, so read on and find out more.

  • UV protection. You may be surprised to know this, but you do need UV protection in winter too. Even the cloudiest days can have a huge impact on your skin, so it is better to be protected, rather than to be sorry.
  • Gentler skincare. Forget about soap when it comes to cleansing your face – use cleansing oil instead. Also, make sure to choose a toning lotion that’s alcohol and fragrance-free. As for your body, make sure to use a richer body cream and a much gentler scrub as well (e.g. a scrub based on sugar, rather than sea salt).
  • Extra-hydration. Provide your skin some extra-hydration to “make up” for the weather outside. A hydrating serum, an ultra-moisturizing eye cream and a heavy night cream can work wonders for your skin, even in the lowest temperatures!

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