The Joy of Winter White Weddings

January is upon us and we are looking down the barrel of the two coldest months of the year. While snow can be fun, we’re not particularly looking forward to wet socks and shoes. We plan on avoiding the cold altogether and staying inside to dream of the joy of winter white weddings. One of the best parts of getting married in January or February is the ability to utilize white in fun and fabulous ways that are not just limited to your wedding gown.

Winter White Weddings

Bride in Winter White

White drapery and white tablecloths.

One of the joys of a winter white wedding is just how much you can do with one color. By draping your tents with gauzy white fabric or white lace, you can add texture over tables set with white tablecloths and linens. If you choose a winter white theme, consider working in strands of sparkling white lights and chandeliers to add textures to your overall look.

Texture is the ticket.

Since winter white weddings are based around one color, adding texture becomes the most important thing. Think of different ways to utilize white in different fabrics, lights, flatware, plates, and furniture. Don’t be afraid to layer fabric on fabric (think lace on satin, or gauzy sheer fabric on top of heavier cotton) or light strand on light strand (think twinkling Christmas style lights over bigger garden light bulbs) in order to add texture to the overall look of your event. We especially love the idea of lace over satin in order to give a relaxed, but glamorous feel.

Silver and Gold, and Silver and Gold and Green.

Okay, so maybe winter white can mean winter white with hints of silver gold and green. Don’t be afraid to use these accent colors to break up the overall sea of beautiful, snowy white on your wedding day. Braided green garlands, and silver chair and table sashes can add bits of color without overwhelming the overall winter white theme. Gold can be especially beautiful as accents on cakes and in table arrangements. Have your florist use gold vases for your bigger arrangements to add a little pop of unobtrusive color to your tablescape.


Layer your look.

Since a bride traditionally wears white, and it’s winter and it’s cold, you can do so much with your bridal wardrobe on your big day. Surprise your guests with several different looks throughout your fete, that include jackets and beautiful satin coats. Use your imagination for how to keep yourself warm on your big day. If you choose to change from your gown to a short dress on your big day, consider wearing a fur wrap to spice up your shortie. This can also give you a chance to show off multiple pairs of shoes!

We mean that the term ‘winter’ white, doesn’t mean that you have to have your white wedding in winter. (And, you can, technically, have fake snow if you have a large budget, but if that is out of your reach, don’t worry about the snow for your winter white wedding.) If you use the proper amount of twinkling lights and white drapery under a clear top tent, you can create your own pristine wonderland any time of year. This beautiful theme is classic, so don’t be afraid to use it even when it’s not below freezing outside.

No matter when you are deciding to tie the knot, a white wedding can be elegant, beautiful, and unique. Use these tips to help create the perfect visual landscape for the wedding of your dreams.



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