Pole Tents

A traditional pole tent is erected using center poles to push up the canopy. The tent is then stabilized with guylines at each of the side poles. Because the guylines must be staked into the ground, this style tent requires an earthen or soft surface. We can install a pole tent on an asphalt surface and patch the stake holes upon removal of the tent. For a festival party atmosphere, a pole tent is the way to go.

There are many variables when determining the tent size you may need. Are you having a band or DJ, sit down dinner or buffet, is the food under the tent, how many bars will you need, are you using round tables or banquet tables for seating? For that reason we list some basic guidelines below to add to your quote. For more information please call 615.868.3747. Grand Central Party Rental does offer free site inspections and consultation.

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40’ x 40’ Pole Tent, Seats 80 to 160 Guest  $0.00per Item

40' X 60' Pole Tent, Seats 128 to 240 Guest  $0.00per Item

40' x 80' Pole Tent, Seats 160 to 320 Guest  $0.00per Item

40' x 100' Pole Tent, Seats 216 to 400 Guest  $0.00per Item

60' x 60' Pole Tent, Seats 176 to 360 Guest  $0.00per Item

60' x 90' Pole Tent, Seats 280 to 540 Guest  $0.00per Item

60' x 120' Pole Tent, Seats 430 to 720 Guest  $0.00per Item

60' x 150' Pole Tent, Seats 576 to 920 Guest  $0.00per Item