Rustic Farm Tables

rustic outdoor wedding reception table with opulent fabric draping from ceiling, wildflowers, and blue accents From wedding receptions to backyard barbecues, rustic-style celebrations have become increasingly popular – and rightfully so!

The trend can be adapted to suit your specific style. If your nuptials are taking place inside a century-old barn, opt for boot-clad bridesmaids sipping from mason jars.

Or transform that same barn into a romantic space that emits a newfound sense of elegance with chandeliers suspended over handcrafted wooden tables set with floral centerpieces amid flickering candlelight.

Whatever your idea of a rustic party may be, you have come to the right place! Our team of expert event planners can make your vision a reality – and your celebration a truly memorable one.

Grand Central Party Rentals has partnered with a local master carpenter to handcraft our rustic wooden tables right here in Middle Tennessee. Each piece is like a work of art, showcasing his incredible talent.

Handcrafted tables serve as blank canvases that can be easily customized to enhance your party style. Leave the tables bare to showcase the woodgrain, or adorn them with linens and mismatched china.

Choose from our selection of seating options that best complements your event; bistro gunmetal dining chairs offer a truly rustic feel, while gold Chiavari add an element of glamour.

Because of their long design, these rustic tables lend themselves to family-style seating that creates a natural sense of intimacy and encourages conversation. Guests are seated side-by-side and across from one another in a more accessible way, and dishes can also be passed, allowing guests to serve themselves at the table rather than from a buffet line.

Our handcrafted tables are also great for teambuilding during company picnics or to introduce new members during your non-profit’s garden party.

Create an authentic Tennessee party by incorporating whiskey barrels into your décor. Bonus points if you add Nashville Hot Chicken to the menu! Offer your guests an array of dessert options atop one of our handcrafted tables. Pair lush florals and greenery with ceramic and wooden serving platters of varying heights.

If you’d like to feature a woodsy element as part of your celebration, but don’t want to commit to a full-on rustic theme, consider a Rustic S’mores Bar. It provides a nostalgic, outdoorsy feel to an otherwise modern, indoor party.

Options for rustic-themed events abound; let your imagination run wild, then call one of our expert event planners at 615-868-3747 to start your party-planning process. Contact us today.