A Variety of Tents

Elevate your outdoor party with a Grand Central Tent Rental. We offer an unparalleled selection of crisp, odor-free tents that are professionally installed for your special celebration. Whether you’re planning a large-scale company picnic or a simple country garden wedding, we have the perfect tent to keep your guests protected from the elements. Download our wedding tent packages catalog.

Wedding Tents

Grand Central Tent Rentals can provide a protected, controlled venue for your special day. Not only do our tents add a touch of elegance to your nuptials, they’re completely customizable and can be transformed to your specifications. Personalize your wedding tent with color-coordinated uplighting, and even a dance floor. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and our team of knowledgeable and experienced wedding planners can help create a celebration that is uniquely yours.


We understand that price is always a factor when considering tent rentals, which is why we price our tents competitively while still providing unparalleled quality, value, and personal service. Not only do we maintain our tents to make certain they are crisp, clean, and odor-free, but our team securely anchors every tent to ensure safety. Most importantly, we never overbook our tents, which means your tent will arrive – and be set up – on time for your event. At Grand Central, we aim to provide an extensive selection of tents and expert assistance. Read more about each type of tent rental below, or download our Wedding Tent Packages Catalog.

Types of Tents

Frame Tents - are versatile, freestanding, and can be installed on any surface. A rigid, heavy-duty aluminum framework supports a fabric (or clear) roof without the use of center poles. This means your view inside the tent is completely unobstructed. Our selection of Frame Tents ranges from 10’ x 10’ (great for smaller soirees like backyard barbecues) to 6,000 square feet (which can seat up to 480 guests for banquet dining).

Pole Tents - are characterized by a center pole that pushes up the canopy to form an eye-catching peak. This type of tent must be anchored to ground and is best suited on an earthen or soft surface. However, our team can install a pole tent on an asphalt surface, then patch the stake holes after removing the tent. Well-suited for larger parties, Pole Tents can be constructed as large as 9,000 square feet and accommodate up to 720 seated guests.

Marquee Tents - on the other hand, add a glamorous, red carpet flair to your event. Not only can they serve as a covered walkway between tents, but they can also be used to create a dramatic entryway into an existing building. Marquee Tents come in 10-foot sections and can extend up to 100 feet long.

Tent Accessories

In addition to rentals, Grand Central also offers an extensive selection of tent accessories. These items can truly transform your tent. We like to think of tents as blank canvases that can be uniquely customized to suit your personal style and event aesthetics. Tent liners (soft, billowy fabric) can be installed in the ceiling of your tent to create an airy, elegant feel. Add string lights for a romantic, ethereal ambiance, or opt for Gobi lights to instantly energize your party. Because weather can be completely unpredictable, we offer high-quality heating and cooling options to ensure your guests are comfortable regardless of the outside temperature. Plus, our tents feature blackout technology, which can lower the temperature up to 10 degrees.

Let Us Help

Our expert consultants have decades of party planning experience, plus they assist with more than 2,500 events every single year. First, they will assess your event site to determine which tent style is best-suited for your festivities. Then comes the fun part – Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Drawings allow you to arrange (and rearrange) tables, chairs, and accessories to ensure your celebration is both memorable and successful.